INTEL D865GLC Audio برامج حمل مجاناً (ver. 1.­3)

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Audio (ver. 1.­3) GZ معروض 2005.10.20.

تم تحميل الملف 7 مرة و تم مشاهدته 2828 مرة.

الفئة لوحات الأم
العلامة التجارية INTEL
الجهاز D865GLC
أنظمة التشغيل Red Hat* Enterprise Linux Desktop 4 Update 1 32-bit
النسخة 1.­3
حجم الملف 9.1 Mb
نوع الملف GZ
معروض 2005.10.20
إبحت و حمل

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Linux* (Red Hat* 4 Update 1) audio driver for Intel Desktop Boards.­ Supported on AC'97,­ ADI* 1985,­ RealTek* ALC202A &­ ALC860,­ Intel High Definition Audio and Sigmatel STAC 9220 codecs.­ IMPORTANT NOTICE: All information and software contained herein is provided "AS IS" to Intel customers.­ Intel Corporation disclaims all express or implied warranties and liabilities for the use of this document,­ the software and the information contained herein,­ and assumes no responsibility for any errors which may appear in this document or the software,­ nor does Intel make a commitment to update the information or software contained herein.­ Intel reserves the right to make changes to this document or software at any time,­ without notice.­

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